Teaching Your Toddler Colors and Best Ideas For Coloring

Teaching Your Toddler Colors

Teaching your toddler colors is an important thing to do. There are so many benefits you will find out once your toddler has learned to color from a very young age. We are not talking about how great the art would turn out since they are just kids. More than anything, coloring activity offers so many interesting benefits.

Before your kids start to write, they need to learn how to grip the pencil. Coloring, on the other hand, is the first step for them to learn how to grip an object properly. Teaching your toddler colors also allows them to be imaginative. It helps them to focus and experiment on new things.



Introducing colors is acceptable at 18 months of age but some kids can learn before that age. However, 18 months up to 2 years of age might be the greatest stage to teach them colors. In this stage, you need to review the colors with your kids until they get into kindergarten.

Meanwhile, you can use an object while teaching them colors so they know what blue pen is or what yellow trucks are. You should keep in mind that color is the first thing your kids will learn. Coloring with them will also help your kids to develop other basic skills so we highly recommend it.



After your kids reach 2 years of age, you can start to teach them shapes. Once your kids can identify every shape, you can combine it with colors as well. The basic understanding of shapes is commonly gained when your kid is 2.5 years old.

So, while you teach your kids to learn shapes, you can also apply the color. It helps them to gain a better focus while sharpening their ability to identify shape and color at the same time. You can also purchase a shape activity pack to explore the activity together with your kids.


Not all kids will follow this timeline. Some of them learn letters before they know colors and vice versa. However, it is better if your kid can identify letters when they turn 3. More than anything, you should not have pressured them in the first place.


Other than that, kids have different tendencies. For example, they know the concept of numbers in the first place but have no idea what letters are. In this case, you may try to write letters with your kids after teaching your toddler colors.

The Best Ideas for Teaching Your Children Coloring Easily

Do you have the desire to be able to teach your child how to color well? There are several things and best ideas of coloring teaching you can do when you want to teach your child to color. Through this article, I will give you information on the best ways to teach your child to color dadu online easily. Here is the information you need.

Children Coloring Easily
Children Coloring Easily
  1. Try Teaching Your Child How to Hold a Brush

Teaching your child to hold a brush is the first step you can take to teach your child to color. You can start to give some color and a paper for your child. Don’t forget to give a large sheet of paper as a medium in your child’s learning process. Teach the best ways to hold the brush properly to improve motor skills. When your child can hold a brush well, he can learn to start coloring well.

  1. Increase the Strength of Their Hands

When doing the coloring process, your child must have good hand strength. When your child does not have good hand strength, it will make your child difficult to do the coloring process. You can start to increase the strength of your child’s hand in coloring by teaching him how to color the lines first. You can also ask your child to learn to hold brushes, pillows, and other objects for their learning as best ideas of colouring teaching. If your child has good hand strength, this can make it easier for your child to do the coloring process.

  1. Give a Picture with a Different Size

The next thing you can do is, try to give your child some pictures that have different image sizes. These measures aim to make your child find it easier to determine the big differences in the coloring process. Your child can also compare the best size and type of color for their picture. You can also start by giving your child some pictures that have different drawing lines so that your child can color using thin lines when you want to teach your kids as best ideas of colouring teaching.

best ideas
best ideas, pictures with different sizes
  1. Give Some Types of Color Equipment

What you can do is try to offer your child several types of colors such as crayons, colored pencils, or color paint. This aims to let your child know the characteristics of each type of coloring so that they can determine what kind of color they can choose to make or color their pictures. This step is easy, but what you need to know is to make sure you are always watching them so they don’t eat the equipment.

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