Want to Teach Your Kids with Art? Take a Closer Look Here

Teach Children with Art

Teaching art to children can be difficult as well as fascinating. Children are tend to have natural interest in art than most of the adult. This is because art can help the children to build their deep imagination. Otherwise, teaching art to kids may be frustrating to some of the art teachers. This is because child is different from the adult.

Teaching art to kids is not about ordering them to do something that you want, but more to inspire and engage the children into art activity. Here are three effective ways to teach children with art.

3 Simple Ways to Teach Children with Art

  1. Mix the Paint Color on the Paper

Letting the students to waste their time on mixing the perfect color in the individual palette is not right. Especially when you only have small amount of time with a bunch of kids in your class. Encourage the students to mix the color paints directly on the paper is better than letting them mix the paints in the individual palette. Double-leading technique can lead to great results.

Mix the Paint Color on the Paper
Mix the Paint Color on the Paper
  1. No Need to Wear Aprons

Doing art activity may litter children’s clothes and sometimes it makes you want them to wear aprons or art smocks. But, ordering children to wear art aprons and smocks can waste more than 5 minutes time in the art class. If you only have limited time in the class, it is better for you to avoid aprons or art smock in the class. Just get the children in, settled and start the fun activity.

  1. Ban Erasers and Pencils to Children

It is better for children to use markers and oil pastels to create drawing than pencils and erasers. The benefit of using markers and oil pastels is you can create faster move on drawing and don’t really matter about the “mistakes”. Don’t really care about the “mistakes” is what makes art different from any other subject.

Ban Erasers and Pencils to Children
Ban Erasers and Pencils to Children

Therefore, it is important to ban pencils as well as erasers from the children. Using small pencil will only lead to frustration toward the children as the result may be different from what they want. Pencil will only generate very small line so that it is better to teach them not to use pencil.

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