Life Skills from Art That Children Can Learn

Life Skills Children Can Learn from Art

Despite not every parents realize how important the art for their kids’ development, actually learning art for kids can give them much more than you can imagine. Art has a great role in improving children quality in education. Art and creativity can bring the true of the kids rather than imitate the others.

 3 Life Skills Children Can Learn from Art

  1. Feeling Empathy

Empathy is a kind of feeling that is important as human grows. This feeling has to be developed from the moment kids can learn things around them. But teaching empathy to children may be very difficult for some people. If that so, art can be the best solution for this thing. You can teach kids how to grow their empathy by asking them to draw a person.

Feeling Empathy
Feeling Empathy

Drawing a person actually is not just as simple as draw their physical body. A true drawing is go beyond the physical of the person but more to the representation of the person. Art teacher can teach the student how to draw a person that really portrait the personality. You can teach them how to combine the technique and the materials to go deep into the person drawing.

  1. Method for the Kids to Tell Stories

Story is not always being shared by words. Sometimes, art can bring stories that have deeper impact on someone else heart and mind. Kids are actually natural storytellers thus, teaching them art can help them to improve their ability in telling stories to other people.

Method for the Kids to Tell Stories
Method for the Kids to Tell Stories

This ability is very important to make the student more creative in using method other than words to deliver their stories. This skill will grow better when the students become older and they will be more creative in using non-verbal technique.

  1. Observing and Looking Closer to Something

Children may not bother to really take a closer look at something. They tend to spend their time to something that they really like. But when kids are asked to create a drawing of a person, tree, flower or anything around, they will focus their attention to the thing that you ask them to draw.

Observing and Looking Closer to Something
Observing and Looking Closer to Something

For example, if you ask them to draw a person that close to them, they will do a deep observing to the person. They will observe the person’s jawline, their overall face, eyes, nose, and everything that represent the person. Art will teach kids how to do a deeper observation.

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