The Great Benefits of learning While Playing for Children

The Great Benefits of learning While Playing for Children

Is learning while playing very important? The condition of the Covid-19 pandemic forced children to go to school from home. All activities are carried out online. For parents who have children aged 3-5 years may encounter their own obstacles.

Children need to have great energy but they still find limited space. As a mother, you may be facing a child experiencing mood changes in a short time, this is natural. The child may feel bored. They can also miss the teachers and friends they usually meet at school. As a solution, you can apply to play while learning. Exciting activities can get rid of boredom. Children’s emotions can also be more stable when they have a lot of activities to do.

This article has summarized the benefits of learning while playing for children who might be able to encourage Mama and Little in dealing with daily learning activities at home. Let’s read!

The Great Benefits of learning While Playing for Children
The Great Benefits of learning While Playing for Children

The feeling recognition 

What is the use of feeling recognition for children? The feeling recognition including for emotional development affects the mental stability of children as well you know. By playing, children will easily learn to express, accept, and overcome problems in a positive way.

From playing it also gives children the opportunity to recognize themselves well and also develop the behavior patterns of satisfaction in life. Later, children have good self-ability in controlling their emotions.

Introducing the others

A play gives a good way for children’s social development even more so when sharing each other with the other kids. When this game might be done online, passing through various choices of learning applications while playing, children can also experience social development.

Choose an interactive application, where children can find questions and be invited to answer through the application.

In this way, children will develop their own ability for socializing and expanding empathy for the other kids and suppress egocentrism. By playing, each child will learn the behavior of prosocial behavior. Such as being patient because they are waiting for the chance or turn, helping, working together, and also sharing.

Wait until the child can leave the house after the pandemic ends, playing can also improve children’s social skills.

Introduction to many kinds of movements

The benefits of recognizing a variety of movements as a way of learning while playing are good for helping to maximize the child’s physical development. At the age of five, moving is important for children. Play can stimulate motor perceptual improvement in some parts.

One of them is to practice eye coordination with hands or eyes with feet, for example, when guessing pictures, writing, looking for tracks visually, kicking, or capturing.

Skills of gross motors, such as gestures when dancing, jumping, striding, jumping, marching, running, tiptoeing, crawling, or rolling, to be trained.

A child’s fine motor skills such as reaching, bending, taking the turn, rotating, stretching, sitting, standing, squatting, or rocking can also develop.

The child can practice controlling his body like increasingly powerful to show balance, the sensitivity of the body to know the location or place, the ability for starting or stopping, and understand instructions.

Develop children’s communication patterns

The benefits of learning while playing are that you can practice your child’s language skills. Through communication, the vocabulary known by children will continue to grow.

The more you listen, the more your child’s acceptance or catch will develop.

Through communication children can interact with others, all naturally occurs through the situation of spontaneous play.

The Great Benefits of learning While Playing for Children
The Great Benefits of learning While Playing for Children

Improve thinking skills

Learning while playing can be a support for developing the cognitive aspects of children. Because during the activity there is the material delivered and this will train the child’s thinking skills.

There is a new experience, using tools and also materials, seeing new objects, listening to other people’s explanations, and starting to face and feel the world of theirs. By learning while playing, it will certainly develop an understanding of themselves, others, and also their environment.

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